American Hero Charities

  • Supporting the Patriots of Our Great Nation.
  • Every purchase benefits active military veterans, and first responders.

Valor is our newest fully ophthalmic brand to hit the market. This collection of eyeglasses will also contribute toward the American Hero Charities and feature sleek, high-quality styles and colors that are affordably priced.  


Styles range from all-purpose, sport, aviator, and navigator designs. Each frame features hydrophobic, oleophobic polarized lenses on a titanium/aluminum frame. A portion of each purchase of Valor by Nash is donated to the American Heroes Charity supporting troops and first responders helping to protect our freedom. We offer a collection of Valor by Nash for retail and another collection that is both retail and RX-able. These stunning new shades provide a purpose and style while supporting a noble cause by giving to those that protect our freedom.

V-001 C1

V-001 C2

V-001 C3

V-002 C1

V-002 C2

V-002 C3

V-003 C1

V-003 C2

V-003 C3

V-004 C1

V-005 C1

V-004 C2

V-005 C2

V-004 C3

V-005 C3

V-006 C1

V-006 C2

V-006 C3

V-007 C1

V-007 C2

V-007 C3

V-008 C1

V-008 C2

V-008 C3

V-009A C1

V-009A C2

V-009A C3

V-009B C1

V-009B C2

V-009B C3

V-010A C1

V-010A C2

V-010A C3

V-010B C1

V-012A C1

V-010B C2

V-012A C2

V-012A C3

V-010B C3

V-012B C1

V-014B C1

V-014A C1

V-012B C2

V-014A C2

V-014B C2

V-014A C3

V-014B C3

V-012B C3

V-848 C2

V-848 C4

V-853 C2

V-853 C3

V-853 C4

V-858 C2

V-858 C3

V-858 C4

V-2054 C2

V-2054 C6

V-2054 C8

V-3631 C1

V-3631 C3

V-3631 C6

V-9616 C1

V-9616 C7

V-9616 C24

V-9655 C9

V-9655 C11

V-9655 C20

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